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Body Image... a hyper focus on what the body looks like and what it doesn't... what it's external presentation is according to our perception and ideas.

The BODY though is more than this... more than this external image, this fleeting view we see in a mirror, through our narrow gaze.

The BODY is millions of parts, layers upon layers, charged by blood and cells, formed by DNA, ever changing and growing, moving quickly and slowly, even as we sleep.

Muscle, bones, fascia, organs, skin, nails, hairs, freckles, wounds internal and external, growth marks, birth marks, tattoos, piercings....

Can you see your WHOLE BODY or just what is given back to you from your mirror? Does the mirror take charge and wipe away your WHOLE BODY, your WHOLE SELF? Why does this mirror exist if it only shows you so little and that so little wipes away the so much of your WHOLE SELF?

Are your really as small as your external parts?

Or, are you as expansive and magnanimous as your WHOLE SELF?

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